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Features of a Good Website

In case you are a person who is into business and your mode of marketing is the use of marketing, you will find that getting a good website is one of the most important things to have in order to ensure that your brand sells well. When a business person does not invest wisely in making their website look enhanced, they tend to fail in their business and this makes it impossible to sell your brand. You may decide to engage any of the various companies that provide the services of website designing and they can make what you need for your business to sell.

There are factors that you will require when you intend to have a good website designed for you and here I will discuss about them. In case you decide to engage these services, you need to ensure that the designer of this website is well known to provide the best services when it comes to marketing of businesses for clients. It is important to ensure that you find a designer that will ensure this site comes with all the specifications that you needed it to have and this will help you sell easily what you have on board.

You learn that in case you hire a designer who is experienced, you will find the best services that will ensure you are satisfied and make the best out of them. It is important to look for a designer who provides affordable services to their clients as this will ensure they spend less for much better results. You need to ensure that you look for a designer who provides the best services by helping you to make the best out of your website through adding features that help in selling brands for many businesses.

Here are the features that you can add on the website to ensure that it stands out from the crowd and helps your business in rising fast. You are required to ensure that you make good use of the mobile phone enhancement of surfing for clients who need to engage your website using them as this will give them an experience that will provide you with great returns for the business. You need to ensure that you use texts to engage your clients on brands that you cave copyrighted as this will ensure they get an idea of what you are selling and they will be able to engage you for deals after they have understood the website.

In case you need a good experience for your clients, you will be required to ensure that you find a good speed for the browsing needs as this will ensure your brand sells fast and the clients are not delayed. Ensure that you engage your clients regularly.

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How To Create Your Own Website As A Beginner

It is possible that you are about to start building your own professional website and if this is the case then we would like to first of all tell you congratulations. Deciding to build your own first website for your business is a very big and a very important step for you to take and this is what you need to know because it is very good when you here! want to see to it that your business is doing very good and when you want to see your business doing right.

You can not afford to be out of the loop any longer especially seeing to it that there is about 71% of small businesses that actually on their own websites. You will only be able to grow your brand awareness when you develop a beautiful and a very easy-to-use website that is practical to your uses.

Apart from your developed very beautiful and practical website for your users being able to grow your brand awareness it will also really help in increasing revenue and growing your business. In order for you to know everything that you need to know in order for you to get started keep reading this article and you will definitely find out. The very first thing that you should know and that you should do is that you really need to decide on the brand strategy that you will have as this is something that is very important for you to do.

The very first step for you to take before you have started building your website is to figure out who you are when it comes to you as a company and exactly what you want the people who will be visiting your site to be getting under message that you would want to be conveyed to them by your website.

One thing that you should know about the purpose of a website is that it is usually created in order to brand a person as a company and this is regardless of the field or the profession that the person is in. There is also another game that next you to have a website besides branding your company which is that you create a website so that you can engage yourself with your clients and your customers and to also make it very simple for them to find you when they want to find you and to even hire your business.

4 Advanced Ways to Use Chrome DevTools for Technical SEO Audits


Chrome DevTools is a fantastic tool that often goes overlooked in technical audit guides, and by SEOs in general.

Many of us pay for extensive tool suites (with some tools costing thousands of dollars) with the goals of:

Acquiring more data points.

Simplifying and automating parts of our work.

Yet, no single tool replaces the analysis that can be performed by an SEO, applying logic and qualitative prior knowledge.

Outside of the paid tool suite, there are a number of free tools in the market that all serve their own audiences. But one of the most useful free tools for both basic and advanced SEO audits is Chrome DevTools.

Built into the Chrome browser, DevTools has a number of features that allow us to validate and audit some technical SEO fundamentals, as well as more advanced audit points.

For the most part, DevTools is relatively straightforward and easy to use. That said, there are a small number of extremely useful and not-so-obvious use cases that lend themselves to the technical auditing process.

To open DevTools, you can right-click on a webpage and click on “inspect”, or by clicking on the three-dot burger menu in the top right-hand corner of the browser, and selecting More Tools > Developer Tools.

Below are some of the ways you can use DevTools to either identify issues or validate those being raised by third-party tools.

1. Check If You Content Is Accessible

Sometimes taken for granted – unless you’re working with JavaScript, which gets more focus – it’s important to verify that your main content elements are being identified by search engines.

While Google does have processes in place to crawl and render your site’s content, it’s not always 100% and sometimes can fail for various reasons.

The DOM (Document Object Model), which can be seen in the Elements tab of DevTools, enables you to:

Review various content elements including the meta title and main page body content.

Verify if it can be picked up by Google.

A key thing to look for here is the differences between source-code and the contents of the elements tab.

When auditing websites that have heavy JavaScript usage, content – such as page headers – sometimes appears fine in the HTML source code. But if injected via JavaScript, it may just show as a JS block in the Elements tab.

This can potentially be an issue, later verified through performing a “content you’re looking for” advanced search and checking the cached version of the page.

While Google does have the two-step process for JavaScript crawling, it’s always best to make things as easy for Google to discover content on your site and reduce process complexity.

2. Emulate Multi-Device Experiences

Having a mobile-friendly website, in the vast majority of cases, is and has been an essential component of a successful website for a number of years now.

DevTools can help in determining both mobile-friendliness and in diagnosing usability and speed issues.


In DevTools you can shift between mobile and desktop through the Device Mode icon:

You can also shift between the two modes using keyboard shortcuts, using Cmd+Shift+M on a Mac or Ctrl+Shift+M on a Windows of Linux OS, while the DevTools interface is open.

From experience, this is an effective auditing method – rather than resizing the browser window to test responsiveness.

In Device Mode, you can change between responsive viewports or choose between different pre-set devices to test your page.

This can be useful in identifying any potential issues if you have a large number of visitors from a specific device but a lower than average conversion rate.

However, as you can see from the above screenshot the preset options list is outdated, as the Pixel 2 is now superseded by the Pixel 4. You can set custom dimensions for other devices using the Edit option.

Site Speed

Along with mobile, site speed is also an important factor in both SEO (thanks to the speed update) and usability.

While there are a number of third-party speed testing tools, if you’re auditing a staging website behind HTTP Auth and blocked in robots.txt., DevTools can be a great solution to testing these webpages.

From the three-dot burger menu in the top right of the screen, you can access Network Conditions (found under More Tools).

In the Network Conditions panel, you can choose to:

Disable the browser cache.

Purposefully throttle the network to fast 3G, slow 3G.

Or add a custom throttle.

You can also select from a gamut of user agents ranging from Googlebot Smartphone through to various Microsoft Edge UAs, and Opera.

I recommend using Google Analytics data and testing the browsers and devices that the greater majority of your users use.

Once you’ve got your settings, you should navigate to the “Network” tab, and see both the page load, but also when the initial markup on the page has been parsed, DOMContentLoaded, both of which are visible at the bottom of the DevTools panel.

For further speed analysis, you can run Google Lighthouse from the Audits tab.

3. Render Blocking Resources

As mentioned previously, from the Network tab you can identify which JavaScript and CSS resources are being loaded before the DOM.

While this isn’t necessarily an issue on all websites, having resources load ahead of the DOM can potentially lead to it being blocked, which is one of the more common and resolvable site speed issues.

These can be identified by filtering for JS and CSS in the Network tab:

4. Check Resource Status Codes

The Network tab also allows you to check the HTTP status of your resources. This is invaluable in both checking if any resources return 404s or 5XX, or if your caching is working as intended.

Resources loading a 200 are fine, as are any resources that return a 304.

304 is sometimes mistaken as a redirect, but in this case, it’s a sign that the Last-Modified cache method is working as intended and that the browser already has information on the resource and it doesn’t need to download them again.

The latest data on the January 2020 Google core update

Now that the Google January 2020 core update is mostly rolled out, we have asked several data providers to send us what they found with this Google search update. All of the data providers agree that this core update was a big one and impacted a large number of web sites.

The facts. What we know from Google, as we previously reported, is that the January 2020 core update started to roll out around 12:00 PM ET on Monday, January 13th. That rollout was “mostly done” by Thursday morning, on January 16th. We also know that this was a global update, and was not specific to any region, language or category of web sites. It is a classic “broad core update.”

What the tools are seeing. We have gone to third-party data companies asking them what their data shows about this update.

RankRanger. Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger said, “the YMYL (your money, your life) niches got hit very hard.” “This a huge update,” he added. “There is massive movement at the top of the SERP for the Health and Finance niches and incredible increases for all niches when looking at the top 10 results overall.”

Here is a chart showing the rank volatility broken down by industry and the position of those rankings:

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

“Excluding the Retail niche, which according to what I am seeing was perhaps a focus of the December 6th update, the January 2020 core update was a far larger update across the board and at every ranking position,” Mordy Oberstein added. “However, when looking at the top 10 results overall during the core update, the Retail niche started to separate itself from the levels of volatility seen in December as well.”

SEMRush. Yulia Ibragimova from SEMRush said “We can see that the latest Google Update was quite big and was noticed almost in every category.” The most volatile categories according to SEMRush, outside of Sports and News, were Online communities, Games, Arts & Entertainments, and Finance. But Yulia Ibragimova added that all categories saw major changes and “we can assume that this update wasn’t aimed to any particular topics,” she told us.

SEMRush offers a lot of data available on its web site over here. But they sent us this additional data around this update for us.

Here is the volatility by category by mobile vs desktop search results:

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

The top ten winners according to SEMRush were, Hadith of the Day, Discogs, ABSFairings, X-Rates, TechCrunch, ShutterStock, 247Patience, GettyImages and The top ten losers were,,, Tuffy, TripSavvy,, NaughtyFind,, RuthChris and

Sistrix. Johannes Beus from Sistrix posted their analysis of this core update. He said “Domains that relate to YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) topics have been re-evaluated by the search algorithm and gain or lose visibility as a whole. Domains that have previously been affected by such updates are more likely to be affected again. The absolute fluctuations appear to be decreasing with each update – Google is now becoming more certain of its assessment and does not deviate as much from the previous assessment.”

Here is the Sistrix chart showing the change:

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

According to Sistrix, the big winners were,, CarGurus,, Fandango, Times Of Israel,, and WestField. The big losers were, Box Office Mojo, SkySports,,, History Extra, Evan Shalshaw, and NHS Inform.

SearchMetrics. Marcus Tober, the founder of SearchMetrics, told us “the January Core Update seems to revert some changes for the better or worse depending on who you are. It’s another core update where thin content got penalized and where Google put an emphasis in YMYL. The update doesn’t seem to affect as many pages as with the March or September update in 2019. But has similar characteristics.”

Here are some specific examples SearchMetrics shared. First was that has won at March 2019 Core update and lost at September 2019 and won again big time at January 2020 Core update

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

While was loser during multiple core updates:

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />, which has been up and down during core updates, with this update seems to be a big winner with +83%. but in previous core updates, it got hit hard:

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

The big winners according to SearchMetrics were,,,,,, bigfishgames,com and The big losers were,,,,,,, and

What to do if you are hit. Google has given advice on what to consider if you are negatively impacted by a core update in the past. There aren’t specific actions to take to recover, and in fact, a negative rankings impact may not signal anything is wrong with your pages. However, Google has offered a list of questions to consider if you’re site is hit by a core update.

Why we care. It is often hard to isolate what you need to do to reverse any algorithmic hit your site may have seen. When it comes to Google core updates, it is even harder to do so. If this data and previous experience and advice has shown us is that these core updates are broad, wide and cover a lot of overall quality issues. The data above has reinforced this to be true. So if your site was hit by a core update, it is often recommended to step back from it all, take a wider view of your overall web site and see what you can do to improve the site overall.

Google Changes the Look of Paid and Organic Search Results on Desktop

Google Changes the Look of Paid and Organic Search Results on Desktop

Google is rolling out an updated look for paid and organic search results on desktop, bringing it more inline with the look of mobile search results.

The updated design includes a more prominent “Ad” label for paid results, at least in Google’s estimation, as well as favicons next to organic results.

Here’s a mockup shared by Google:

Changes to Paid Search Results

Google’s search ads on desktop now have a bolded “Ad” label in black text. Google says the label is more prominent, but early feedback suggests users are finding the paid results harder to identify.

Here’s what paid results used to look like on desktop, with the word “Ad” in green and contained in a green box:

In the new design, Google has moved the URL above the headline text and also styled it in black. Paid results now look virtually identical to organic results, as the new “Ad” label could pass as a favicon if you’re not looking close enough.

Changes to Organic Search Results

Like paid results, Google has moved the URL in organic snippets above the page title and changed it from green to black.

The more prominent change is the inclusion of favicons, which now gives site owners one more thing to optimize when it comes to desktop search.

If the new design looks similar it’s because Google brought these same design changes to mobile search results last year. The changes to desktop search results are said to be rolling out over the coming week.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Web Design Companies

It is very important to lease the services of web design companies to build for you a website without caring about the size of your organization. Your clienteles will be contacting you through your website hence its importance is held at a very high note. Henceforth it is very vital that you should acquire the offers of a credible web design firm that is trustworthy and can be called upon to create splendid websites. The manifestations of a reputable Lakewood Ranch Web Design agency and Lakewood Ranch Social Media are very open eve from the beginning. They will surely have a desire to fully have an understanding of the aims of your enterprise before they execute the development pocess. And they will also take your concerns with a lot of gravity that it deserves to be certain that you are achieving what you are looking for. There are again many other features that you should be informed of when on the lookout for web design services to help you outsource the best one. A few of the qualities are therefore outlined below.

One of the qualities that you should look at when searching for Lakewood Ranch Graphic Design services to help you find a reliable one is that you should go for a firm that offers continuous support even after the website has been created. Make sure that the will be readily available to offer their support in the event that there is any difficulties that is being experienced in the usage of the website. Therefore it is very important that you establish a perfect communication channel with the web design company or Lakewood Ranch SEO that you have chosen to go for its deals.

Another quality that is very important and should be taken into consideration when hiring web design companies is the quality of openness of the company that you have decided to go for. There are so many web design firms that can be found and they are designing very excellent websites but the problem comes in where there is no quality of openness. Henceforth you have a responsibility of making sure that you are carrying out through investigation to ascertain that you are saving yourself from entering into this problem which lead to greater loss of resources.

One more feature that is worthy to take note of when leasing the deals of web design agencies to ascertain that you are going the right direction is that you should ensure that the agency is seasoned enough in matters pertaining to web designs. You should have a view of the list of websites that the web design company that you have chosen has designed to assist you in asserting the worth with regard to how seasoned they are in this web design business.