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What Life is all About (Find Out)

  1. Life is a Challenge:  and you have to Meet it, in all the areas of your activities.
  2. Life is a precious gift: which you have to Accept it no matter what it is.
  3. Life is an Adventure:  and you have to Dare it so that you will stand out among other in the World.
  4. Life is a War: and you most Overcome it for you to be a winner of life in all angles.
  5. Life is a Tragedy: and you most Face it for you to come out of it pains, problems, sorrows etc…
  6. Life is a Duty: and you most Perform it no mater what is the cause.
  7. Life is a Game: and you will Play it for you to know all the tricks of it.
  8. Life is a Mystery: and you will Unfold it for you to know the secret behind it.
  9. Life is a Song: Sing it and know the sweetestness of it.
  10. Life is an Opportunity: and you most take it so that you will not miss the right track in it.
  11. Life is a Journey: you will try to Complete it because it has not been so easy for many to reach to that their great vision.
  12. Life is a Promise: you will try all within your power to Fulfill it.
  13. Life is a beauty: let you Praise it because it took may thousands of dollars to maintain it.
  14. Life is a Struggle: you will Fight it for you to Survive out of it and have your freedom in all area.
  15. Life is a Goal: you must try to Achieve it no matter what it may be or no matter what the game may be.
  16. Life is a Puzzle: you must Solve it so that you will feel free and have rest of mind.
  17. Life is a Love: and to must Love it.
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