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The world has really changed due to advancement in technology which has led to digitalization of most processes including business operations. People from anywhere around the globe can connect with others for content sharing and communication through the many online platforms. One specific online platform referred to as social media is very popular among users from all over the world due to the ease of access and connectivity. The large number of social media users offer an opportunity to entrepreneurs and businesses to market their products and services. Nowadays people buy and sell goods and services online and at the same time send and receive money for payment.

Service providers require to create awareness concerning the products they offer to clients by advertising and marketing through various channels. Businesses can benefit from adverts on social media by getting specialized tools that make online marketing easier and gives better results. There is an application that simplifies the scheduling process and makes management of content easier called sked social. Sked social allows the user to create some content and then it queues the content and once the specified time comes it posts automatically. Normally a business uses lots of time to create and post content on daily basis but the scheduling tool eliminates this by allowing users to plan for future posts.

A social media calendar is available for users to set postage time appropriately to match with certain popular events and celebrations across the globe. Online marketing requires users to design content including videos, photos and gifs that is impressive and attractive. Sked social also has an editing tool to help users modify content like videos and photos by adding texts, emoji, stickers and other enhancements. For large organizations and businesses the tool caters for them through making it possible for multiple users to collaborate for better results.

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An account can consist for as many users as needed since the tool allows for an unlimited number of users. If a business has several social media accounts they can easily switch between the accounts from the sked social tool that supports multiple accounts. Users are also provided with detailed analytics report of the social media platforms so as to identify areas they could improve on for more sales. When posting the content, the tool allows users to include some links that will direct customers to webpage containing more details and adverts. The user can edit and make adjustments to the scheduled posts and confirm that the content appears exactly as required and that it is posted on the appropriate date and time. Users are offered a free trial of the tool to learn more.

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